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ISBN 9780955150135

All colour 40 page A5 BOOKLET


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 Traditional Corn


Milling Watermills


by Nigel S. Harris


with drawings by John Brandrick*


This booklet is the introduction every watermill novice needs. It aims to explain how watermills used for stoneground flour milling worked. Using numerous drawings and photographs, it guides the reader through the various elements that go to make up a working watermill, including a brief discussion on the layout of a typical mill building. Having explained how the machinery in the mill operated it then describes how wheat is ground into meal and how that meal is processed further to make white flour.


This 40 page A5 booklet consists of extracts from the more comprehensive and detailed 211 page A4 hardcover book by the same author entitled: "Watermills and Stoneground Flour Milling" ISBN 9780955150128


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The Corn Mill Drawings of John Brandrick


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44 Colour pictures

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CONTENT: What is corn? Horizontal waterwheel driven mills. Vertical waterwheel driven mills. Post-mediaeval developments. The line shaft. The use of iron. Spur gear drive (two-step).

16 High Quality Line Drawings

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CONTENT continued: Mill buildings. Underdrift and overdrift drive. Vertical waterwheel types. Water turbine drive. The millstones. The milling action. Inside a typical mill.

plus six 3D Colour Drawings

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CONTENT continued: Sack hoist. The milling process. The stone furniture and tentering. Flour dressing. Death of the rural mill. Figure acknowledgements. Further reading.